Table Top Nitro Infusion: How Nitro On Demand Can Benefit Your Business
By Liquid Cheers |
Sep 27, 2021
one tap and two tap table top dispenser in a cafe
Imagine a world where your favorite beverages are infused with nitrogen and readily accessible. 

Stop and picture it for a moment. 

A variety of delightful drinks with a rich, silky texture and a thick and creamy foam head— what’s not to enjoy?

By far, the most popular nitro option is nitro cold brew coffee. Nitro cold brew on tap is one of the hottest trends that has been taking off over the last couple of years. 

Fortunately, offerings have expanded to a variety of beverages, like nitro beer, tea, kombucha, and soda. 

Some bar establishments even offer a nitro cocktail or shot of alcohol for an extra tasty kick!

Read on to learn about a nitro infuser and what a Liquid Cheers Table Top Nitro System can do for you and your business!

What is Nitro on Demand

Nitro drinks are beverages infused with nitrogen gas. 

Nitrogen infusion produces a distinct, rich, and silky texture with a trademark creamy head. 

Think of the Guinness Stout and its reverse cascade of head. It then slowly settles into the trademark dark amber stout. 

Nitro on demand is a simple, effective, and clean system that infuses your favorite beverages with nitrogen.

With the Liquid Cheers “Nitro On Demand” feature, you can have one beverage with two different taste profiles dispensed from the same tap. The on-demand feature easily provides you with consistency that you can profit from.

Benefits for Your Business 

Adding nitro drinks to your menu has many benefits. New revenue, new customers, and trendsetting the beverage industry are a few benefits.  

New revenue

Nitro infused coffee has been around for years. Recently, it’s been gaining popularityThe popularity creates an incredible opportunity for your business to make a profit.

All nitro beverages are easy to make and they only require an initial investment in a few pieces of affordable equipment.

Because nitro cold brew on tap is so popular, you can sell it for a higher price and make a substantial profit for your business. 

Setting the trend

There is such a thing as ‘the nitro craze’! 

As we mentioned earlier, there are many other types of nitro-infused beverages you can make with a nitro infuser.

Nitro drinks are increasingly becoming one of the hottest trends for coffee lovers looking for something different. 

Types of beverages you can nitro infuse:

  • Cold brew coffee
  • Tea
  • Soda
  • Kombucha
  • Cocktails
young woman with brown hair and dressed in a yellow jacket drinking cold brew coffee from a glass cup

New customers

Recognizing and reacting to beverage trends is crucial to your business if you want to be an innovative leader in your industry. 

Nitro drinks have been trending up but aren’t yet entirely mainstream. Meaning they are an excellent way to delight your existing customers. They also attract new and returning customers, increasing your business and profit!

We call that a win-win-win. 

One Tap Technology – No N2 Tank Required!

one tap table top nitro infusion unit
All it takes is the flip of a switch!

With the Liquid Cheers “Nitro On Demand” feature, you can have one drink of choice with two different taste profiles. They dispense from the same tap with guaranteed consistency.

For example, still cold brew and nitro cold brew, or still kombucha and nitro kombucha.

The technology used for the single tap “Nitro on Demand” feature allows precise control of the compressed filtered air. 

High purity of nitrogen is injected into your beverage of choice with a flip of a switch. 

The injection occurs at the tap after the product has been chilled, which limits oxidization. This leaves you with a high-quality nitro beverage that is always fresh. It is also visually appealing with the nitro pour’s signature cascading head. 

Two Tap Technology

two tap table top nitro infusion unit
Two tap technology allows you to pour a variety of chilled still and “Nitro on Demand” Beverages.

Similar to one tap technology, the modular system is easy to install and use and gives you high-quality beverages that are consistently fresh.

two wet glasses filled with nitro coffee set on a marble tray

Beverage Option Examples

One chilled still & one chilled nitro: 

Cold brew coffee & nitro infused coffee 

Chilled still kombucha & nitro infused kombucha 

Two chilled nitro: 

Nitro coffee & nitro kombucha

Nitro coffee & nitro tea  

Two chilled still:

Cold-brew coffee & kombucha

cold brew glass, nitro coffee glass, nitro kombucha glass, nitro tea glass

Clean Air Refrigeration

Traditionally, nitro beverages were and still are produced with older gasses. 

The Liquid Cheers Table Top Dispenser uses propane. Propane is a clean and natural refrigerant that is known for its excellent thermodynamic properties. 

It’s confirmed that propane gas is environmentally cleaner compared to traditional gasses currently used in compressors. 

At Liquid Cheers, we believe that clean energy innovation is important. That is why we use propane compressors for our tabletop dispensers. 

Easy to Clean

The Liquid Cheers Table Top Nitro System is remarkably easy to clean!

It is designed with a cleaning valve on the back of the unit. Simply turn the valve to cleaning mode to start the procedure. When done, it’s as simple as turning the valve back to dispense mode. 

It’s basically all play and little work! 

Get more from your pour! 

Our goal at Liquid Cheers is to make it simple for you and your business to get creative while providing your nitro-infused beverages of choice.

Now you know how beneficial nitro beverages can be for your business.  The Liquid Cheers Table Top Nitro System is easy and environmentally clean. It’s time to try it for yourself!

Whether you want a nitro cold brew, kombucha, beer, tea, or soda- Liquid Cheers can help you achieve your nitro needs. 

With easy installation and minimal parts required, you can get started with your very own nitro infuser today. 

Contact Liquid Cheers today to learn about branding options!