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Keep up with growing trends in the foodservice industry with Liquid Cheers

Bring more customers into your restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops by adding nitrogen-infused drinks to your menu.

Generally made from cold brew, nitro coffee is infused with nitrogen gas. The gas creates tiny bubbles in the coffee and gives the drink a thick and creamy texture. Nitrogen is also used in varieties of beer like porters and stouts (think of a Guinness.) The nitrogen in coffee forms a dense head that is similar to the head of a nitro beer.

Our goal is to make it simple for you to offer nitro infused beverages. The Liquid Cheers™ infuser does just that.

With the Liquid Cheers™ infuser you can change what people drink.

By far, the most popular is Cold Nitro Coffee but today the offerings have expanded to Nitro Tea, Nitro Kombucha & Nitro Tisane and innovation always leaves the door open.

One of our specialties is Nitro Soda which is brand new to the beverage industry.

Beverage Options

Nitro Infused Soda – The next new wave!

Liquid Cheers Soda Dispensing

You can infuse nitrogen into almost any beverage and that includes soda.

Liquid Cheers™ is a leader in offering Nitro Infused Soda Systems. You will be able to offer multiple flavors will have a velvety cascading effect just like a nitro coffee!

Imagine nitro infused root beer, cola, cherry, grape or cream soda. The profits are yours.

Liquid Cheers Nitro Keg Box