4 Benefits of Choosing a Commercial Wine Dispensing System (2021 Edition)
By Liquid Cheers |
Jul 26, 2021
Wine Dispensing System pouring a glass of wine

Wine on tap- it gets a bad rap, but should it?

Restaurants, bars, wineries, and other venues worldwide are switching from bottled wine service to wine dispensing systems at an increasingly fast pace. 

Their reasoning? Less waste, more money, and quicker service (basically everything a business owner wants.)

Often there is a prejudice regarding draft wine, but at Liquid Cheers™, we believe that shouldn’t be the case.  

If you are on the fence about kegged wine (you shouldn’t be, trust us) and whether it makes sense for your business, read on to further explore the benefits of wine on tap.

Wine on tap: what is it?

Wine on tap works in nearly the same process as draft beer. Gas forces the wine out of the keg, through the tubbing and tower and, with the pull of the tap handle, dispenses wine neatly into your patiently waiting glass. 

Wine producers fill a keg with the same quality of wine they use for their bottled wine, and then they or a distributor delivers the keg to the establishment. 

Kegged wine is stored in a cool environment, just like how you store a wine bottle and is served at the appropriate temperature, depending on whether it is red wine or white wine.

Make your business boom with a commercial wine dispensing system

Decrease costs while increasing revenue

For many restaurants and bars, nearly half of all beverage revenue comes from wine sales. With bottle service, you have to factor in wine wasted to oxidation and cork taint. Kegged wine can avoid both of these problems while creating a positive experience for you and your guests. 

Kegged wine saves wine producers costs associated with packaging and shipping, meaning the producers can pass some of those savings on to you and your business. You can then pass on savings to your clients by serving premium wine at a value price. 

If you are worried about the start up costs, the installation of the tap system is easily recouped within a year when factoring waste and loss of product with bottled wine.

With a commercial wine dispenser, it is also easier to sell higher-priced premium wines without the worry of wasting an open bottle. Your guests can feel free to order a glass of wine without committing to a whole bottle. This freedom allows for a sense of experimentation with various wines at different price points and ultimately more glass sales.

Decrease waste

Waste and spoilage are almost completely eliminated when switching to a wine dispensing system. When serving bottled wine, it can be difficult to open a bottle of fine wine to sell by the glass for fear that you won’t be able to sell it before it spoils.

When you open a bottle of wine, it is exposed to oxygen and immediately slowly starts to deteriorate. Oxidization in an opened bottle results in an unpleasant taste and aroma; it can also exhibit different textures and colors than what was intended. 

Bottles of wine, when not using a wine preserver, can oxidize within a day or two of opening. In comparison, kegged wine uses a wine preservation system that uses inert gasses to displace oxygen and prevent it from spoiling the wine. With wine on tap, you no longer have to worry about going through an entire bottle before it goes bad- the last glass of the keg tastes just as good as the first glass. 

As an extra benefit, kegged wine also decreases your establishment’s overall carbon footprint. Buying wine in reusable stainless steel kegs reduces commercial waste, packaging, and trash in landfills. With each standard keg, you are saving waste from approximately 26 glass bottles, not to mention the corks, foil, boxes, and labels.

Wine Dispensing System pouring a glass of wine from the tap in a restaurant

Ensure positive guest experience

Guest experience is something that you should never overlook. A guest’s experience can turn from a positive one to a very negative one in a single instant, and as a business, it is your job to anticipate the wants and needs of your customers. No one wants to accidentally serve corked or poorly preserved wine. 

In this social media age, consumers crave the next best thing and are constantly on the hunt for a unique, exciting experience. Consumers have been trained to expect a variety of high-quality beverages as a standard. 

Draft wine allows for controlled pouring, which means you can easily upsell and offer nontraditionally sized pours perfect for tasting, flights, half glasses, glasses, bottles, and any size in between. Your guests can be happy knowing that they tried and received everything they wanted.

Quick and efficient customer service

Bottle service is traditionally an intricate and time-consuming ritual. Your server selects and presents the bottle, cuts the foil, pulls the cork, offers a taste, and then after getting approval from the customer, pours the glasses. 

Now, imagine the process used to pour a glass of draft wine…

With kegged wine, there is no worry about corked wine or bottle presentation. It increases efficiency and keeps service running smoothly. You can quickly pour wine without losing the quality of wine and service. It takes only a fraction of the effort to make a happy guest.

At Liquid Cheers™, we believe you should get more from your pour.

From quality towers to tap handles at affordable prices, we’ve got it all. We carry a wide variety of wine dispensing equipment to meet any of your needs.

If you are ready and excited to add draft wine to your establishment, contact us today for more information!